Explore what makes us, TraxPack.

Trax System

Innovative, convenient, and truly state-of- the-art, TraxPack luggage brings a new meaning to vacation, commuter, or business travel. This user-friendly smart luggage design puts the power in your hands, and makes your next travel day a real luxury experience.

Luggage Scale

No more hefting that big bag onto the bathroom scale; this built-in luggage scale instantly weighs your luggage; this way, you never have to worry about extra fees for unexpected pounds. Now, you can stroll into the airport without a care in the world.

Mobile Media Stand

Place your mobile device on this handy stand, and watch your favorite show, send an important email, or read a new bestseller. This exceptional feature transforms a boring day at the airport into a luxurious, entertaining experience.

Tilting Handle

At last, you can forget about dragging that heavy load. Now, TraxPack gives you a state-of-the-art tilted handle that makes transport easy, fast, and fancy-free. With this expert features, you’ll sail through your next airport trip.

TSA Lock

This handy, approved lock means your things are completely safe and sound, while still giving TSA officials the ability to check your bags. No more worries about lost belongings, no more nagging feeling of insecurity. At last, TraxPack keeps your important valuables protected.

USB Charging Port

When you’re traveling, it’s truly important to stay connected – whether you to contact a business associate, to touch base with your loved ones, or find directions to your hotel room. With TraxPack’s convenient charging port, you can charge multiple phones or gadgets at once – this way you never miss a beat.