Luggage should be two things:
Easy and Portable

“Traveling is tough, your luggage shouldn’t make it worse.”

Richard and I have been friends for a long time; after all, he’s married to one of my best buddies. Back when they were newlyweds, I only got to see them once in a while; usually in between my ever frequent business trips. Of course, each time I saw them, I complained about the hassle of travel.

It just didn’t make sense that – with so many amazing new tech developments – travel still remained a hugely stressful, uncomfortable, and inconvenient experience. Couldn’t we do something about that?

So, Richard and I got to talking. He’s a former Marine who’s now in operation’s management, and I’ve been in the IT industry for over ten years. With his love of invention, my passion for business, and a shared belief in the power of entrepreneurism; TraxPack was born.

Now, traveling to see my dearest friends is a piece of cake. TraxPack makes my journeys fun, easy, and stress-free. We’re proud to introduce TraxPack – the perfect way to elevate your next business trip, sunny vacation, or big adventure.

Bon Voyage!

Meet Dr. Joseph Kucherovsky

A renowned technical consultant, product developer, and innovative inventor, Dr. Kucherovsky has a legacy of success in both business and science. His studies in electronics and polymer science led Dr. Kucherovsky to begin developing and perfecting inventions across diverse industries, and he has helped develop several patents; from batteries to nuclear protection. Dr. Kucherovsky now works as a consultant for a collection of high-tech businesses, and has rocketed a myriad of companies to success – from Kimberly-Clark, to Bemis, and Duracell.

We’re so proud to have Dr. Kucherovsky as our dedicated TraxPack consultant, helping us to develop a truly effective and transformative product.